Stoke Series

Stoke Series SUP

Or scroll down for more info The 9’6″ Stoke Classic (quad + 1) :: 9’6″ X 30.5″ X 4.5″ ~ 150 liters, is a refined wave rider with great glide and stability…it’s the culmination of decades of board design knowledge… We designed and developed it here in Santa Barbara, California on the West Coast of North America to be an …

Jason KadlecStoke Series

WD Series

SUP SPorts WD Carbon Fiber

 Or scroll down for more info and photos Our two tone brushed carbon production WD Series high performance paddle surfing boards… WD 8’4″ PRODUCTION SUPS ON SALE! A couple shots of our friend Woody…Spring standup surfing on his custom 8’10” x 30″ WD SUP… Wardog slotting into some clean waves recently on his 9′ WD Stoke ECOBOARD… Our friend Jay …

Jason KadlecWD Series