Amanda STOKED in Spokane

Hey guys got my board. It is AWESOME! No damage and in one piece.

Just waiting for my paddle to take it for a spin.

Thanks again for all your help. Definitely a returning customer 😀

Amanda E*** (Spokane, WA)

Jason KadlecAmanda STOKED in Spokane

David Litt Stoked in Woodland Hills, CA

Subject: 11’11” One World Surfari

Just wanted to say thanks again for such a great board and great experience. I really appreciate everyone taking the time to explain things to me and make sure I got the right board for my needs.


Only had it out for a short time on Sunday morning before the rain started, but it was great.
Really looking forward to putting the board through its paces this weekend.

David Litt (Woodland Hills, CA)

Jason KadlecDavid Litt Stoked in Woodland Hills, CA

Bill Hansen STOKED in Ventura

Subject: 8’6″ WD

Thanks again guys!
I really appreciate the great service and knowledge that you provide me in my selection of SUPS.

Stoked for life with your help,

Bill Hansen (Ventura, CA)

Jason KadlecBill Hansen STOKED in Ventura

Eddie Devereaux STOKED in Cape Cod

Subject: One World carbon to Cape Cod

Hey All, Deb, Warren, Al… picked up the board this morning safe and sound no damage.

The people at Cape Cod Express were great they let me open the box and recycle the cardboard. They had it stored away from everything so a forklift or something couldn’t run over or hit it.


Just like the old windsurfing days I couldn’t get back fast enough to get to the water I was kind of like shaking. Got home put in all fins and off I go to the water. Did my 20th loop around Oyster Harbor island which is 5.2 miles playing with my footing and such. What I noticed first is it’s very light and stable but also maneuverable. I played in some boat wakes and it just wanted to surf almost like a greyhound wants to run. I got back from the loop and took out the side fins and did a little spin around West Bay which had a nice glide. I think this is the board for me regarding my knee problem I’m going to do a loop tomorrow just with the single fin. I’ll post some pics of the board later on Facebook.

UPDATE: Just got back from a morning loop around the island. Man… this board is scary comfortable. At 220 lbs this is going to be my “go to” all arounder exactly what I was looking for.

Great job with the design Wardog… as soon as I saw the specs I knew


Again thanks for the great service, good packaging whoever packed it you can pass that on.

Eddie Devereaux (Cape Cod, MA)

Jason KadlecEddie Devereaux STOKED in Cape Cod

Jason Stoked On 8’5″ Hammer

Another great Stoked for Life ® Hammer customer testimonial…this one is from Jason on his new 8’5″ Hammer… First session on my new 8’5 Hammer — LOVE THIS BOARD!! Here’s the story… I’ve been on an ARK 11’6 for almost 4 years now… I call it the SS Santa Monica because it is a battle ship. So I did demo the board – but there were no waves… all I could tell on my test drive was that it was incredibly stable — the 8’11 I took out felt just like my 11’6!! That actually made me nervous to buy it… would a board that feels like an 11’6 surf any better? But I’d seen all the photos posted, read all about why mini simmons, and egg shapes, how nose concaves and double v in the tail all work to create a sick ride so I snagged the 8’5 on faith. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! sups_hammer_jason3 My very first drop on a waist high wave was super fun – NOTHING like my old battle ship– super light and lively underfoot, but still so stable on the takeoff… In fact I stuck all but maybe 1 take off, which was at the end and I was just super tired and PS – by that point the kites were out — so pretty damn choppy. sups_hammer_jason4 Best moment of the day – I was coming down the line – and a long boarder was paddling up and over — I was headed right for him and I just thought “turn” and next thing I knew I was going the other way! Back out in the line up – he says “man – I thought you didn’t see me and I was going to get run over, and then you threw such a sick cutback – that was amazing!”sups_hammer_jason6sups_hammer_jason5 Sick cutback? That was actually first cutback on the Hammer and truth be told, first one not harnessed into my kite! WOOP! Second best moment – super late in the day, not enough juice left in my arms but went for this pretty tall wave because I was perfect position and nobody anywhere near it. But because of how choppy and windy — and so tired — I kinda hesitated but my buddy is shouting “get in get in” — so I step hard on the nose and it looks too steep…. I’m going to get pitched for sure! But nope! As soon as I feel the board take off, I scoot back and honestly I think the board just knew what to do cause next thing I know I’m still up and the white water is chasing me!! WHA??? sups_hammer_jason8 sups_hammer_jason7 nce again this was all on my very first session — so coming down from a monster of an 11’6 I literally had 0 need to re-learn anything or adjust to this board. Love at first drop. STOKED FOR LIFE! Jason Kadlec (Los Angeles, CA)

Jason KadlecJason Stoked On 8’5″ Hammer

Ember Jacobson STOKED in Chicago

Subject: Maui Blue carbon Hammer in Chicago

Arrived yesterday, safe and sound. The freight guys were REALLY impressed with your packing!

Stoked to get back out on the lake!

Ember Jacobson (Chicago, Ill.)

Jason KadlecEmber Jacobson STOKED in Chicago

Christian Siano STOKED in Cranford

Subject: Custom carbon 8’6″ WD


Received the board on Thursday. Rode it today for the first time in overhead high glass.
Sick board!!!

Send my thanks to everyone involved in the process.

Thanks for everything,

Christian Siano (Cranford, NJ)

Jason KadlecChristian Siano STOKED in Cranford

Paul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Subject: 9’5″ Hammers

First I have to commend everyone that you have working in your shop. Every call was answered quickly and advice was spot on. Obviously it was great to see Al again and to talk surfing and boards and remember some good times.


For a variety of reasons I did not get to surf my 9-5 33 until this morning. I had been “stealing my wife’s 9-5 31 and was having a good time. I figured the 33 would be a bit different, but I was wrong. The extra floatation and stability made everything a lot more enjoyable. First wave I dropped pretty late in to a backside peak and was stunned at how fast I turned from the tail. I adjusted forward a little and was making super smooth turns down the line effortlessly. I got lucky and got a about a 50/50 split of lefts and rights which is pretty cool for a goofy foot. All the waves were shoulder to head high with pretty steep takeoffs.

I still can’t believe how easy it is to drop in on this board despite the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of rocker. I could not be happier with my board selection. I toyed with the idea of the 10-3 Hammer, now I am really happy I got the 9-5.

Final wave of the session, head high perfect left. As I paddle for yet another late take-off 4 dolphins turn and take off right next to me. I easily make the wave until it finally closes out. I straighten out and step off in knee deep water. I will be smiling for a while!!!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and customer service. Thats a pretty rare thing these days and I have told lots of folks the drive to SB is worth every minute just to get honest advice and good service.

I think our flat water boards are going to get lonely. Again, I really appreciate all your input, I think we got set up perfectly.

Paul Hamdorf (Long Beach, CA)

Jason KadlecPaul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Paul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Subject: 9’5″ Hammer

I have used Marlene’s board twice. All I can say is WOW!.
I did not understand about the 3 zones for riding until I took off on my first wave. Very quick board, I had a lot of fun and was able to turn easily but in control.

It has a really good feel. My balance is a little shaky, so I will need some time in the water to fix that. So far I have only surfed it in pretty quick Bolsa high tide peaks. Amazing how late you can drop in with the lighter board.

Thanks again for your help.

Paul Hamdorf (Long Beach, CA)

Jason KadlecPaul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Greg Burgener STOKED in Cambria

Subject: Most excellent paddle

Hea Warren,
I need to let you know that the new paddle I got from you blows me away.

Not only is it the exact type of paddle I wanted, shape, size (90 sq. in.), and weight, but it’s prolly the most beautiful paddle I’ve ever seen, love the basswood/carbon blend, w/ all carbon handle and blade backing. I’ll try very hard not to beat the crap out of it.

Highly recommended.

Greg Burgener (Cambria, CA)

Jason KadlecGreg Burgener STOKED in Cambria