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We are America’s #1 source for Made in USA standup paddle boards & standup paddling (SUP) gear.

Relentlessly Pursuing Perfection

StandUp Paddle Sports ® is the first fully dedicated all SUP shop in the Americas and we’ve been making and selling SUP’s since 2005. We have the largest, and best selection of MADE IN USA SUP models in the universe. We standup paddle daily and each member of our friendly & knowledgeable staff has years of SUP experience. We’re a core one stop SUP shop making and selling hard goods – like surf shops did back in the day before they turned into fluffy clothing boutiques selling over-priced board shorts and flip flops made in China…etc…

We created the genre that everybody is trying to copy, but nobody can match our expertise, inventory, and customer service. Contact us today for expert and friendly advice on your SUP or standup paddle purchase. Showroom open 10am-5pm PST daily…Sunday by appointment.


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Innovating the Standard

Designed and developed in Santa Barbara, California on the West Coast of North America by WARDOG®…the WD Wide (quad + 1) :: 8’10″ X 32″ X 4.6″ ~ 150 LITERS, influenced Starboard to develop the globally best selling Wide Point Series…a hot dog SUP for ripping 2′-10′ surf…phenomenal stability and glide for an under 9′ SUP…very airline friendly for travel…


Stoke SUP Series

More STOKE in every STROKE

Designed and developed in Santa Barbara, California on the West Coast of North America in 2010…the 9’6″ Stoke (quad + 1) :: 9’6″ X 30.5″ X 4.5″ ~ 150 liters, is a refined wave rider with great glide and stability. We’ve ridden just about all of the mid-9′ SUP’s on the planet and the Stoke ALWAYS comes out on top…the ultimate definition of a bread & butter SUP…also available in a 32″ wide version called the “Stoke Wide”, with ~ 165 liters of volume…our #1 selling board for bigger guys who know how to surf…and, also now available in a new 33.5″ wide Stoke X-Wide model :: 9’6″ x 33.5″ x 4.6″ ~ 175 liters…


Mahalo SUP Series

The One Board Quiver Killer

The SUP Sports MAHALO SERIES SUP’s were designed and developed in the standup paddling mecca of Santa Barbara, California on the West Coast of North America…the 10’3″ Mahalo Series (quad + 1) :: 10’3″ X 29.5″ X 4.3″ ~ 165 liters :: 10’3″ X 31″ X 4.6″ ~ 175 liters :: 10’3″ X 33″ X 4.6″ ~ 185 liters are very refined all around SUP’s that excel as both wave riders with great glide (fast rockers) and stability…as well as flat water and ocean paddlers…


One World SUP Series


The 11’1″ & 11’11″ One World Series (2 + 1) :: 11’1″ X 30″ X 5″ ~ 200 liters :: 11’1″ X 32″ X 5.25″ ~ 215 liters One World Wide :: 11’11″ X 31″ X 5.25″ ~ 225 liters One World Surfari are very refined all around SUP’s that excel as wave riders with great glide (fast rockers) and stability, open ocean cruising and touring…as well as fast and comfortable flat water paddlers…

GPS testing shows that our 11'1`` “One World” is faster than some other company’s canoe nose 12’6″ models…the reason is due to the efficient bottom hydrodynamics, sleek outline, and, stability comfort allowing the paddler to concentrate on stroke, rather than simply trying to not get ``bucked off``...the fastest board in the world is not very fast when the paddler is swimming...the sport is called standup...not standup fall-off...;-)


SUP Hammer Series

The Magic Carpet Ride

No hype...simply an amazingly fun SUP board all around SUP on the market! Best glide, stability, tracking, maneuverability, performance, and value per liter!!!


California Made SUP

Hand Crafted in the 805

Custom boards are the perfect choice for people who need a board that is specifically designed for their needs. We offer a number of construction and finish options that will have you dialed in with the right shape, right amount of float for your body-size and surf conditions, and with aesthetics that will reflect your individuality. All of the shapes we offer are designed and tested by the WARDOG ® Designs team, developers of our SUPsports ® and HAMMER lines of boards.

Not sure which board is right for you? Give us a call and talk to our team, we’re open daily 10-5 PST 888.805.9978 or 805.962.7877. Or send an email…but no matter what board you choose, OUR SUP PRODUCTS WILL EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS…ELIMINATING BUYER’S REMORSE AND PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS!!!

Looking for a killer deal on a closeout board model, or a certified pre-owned board? Then check out all our hot deals in the store.


Standup paddles

More Stoke in every Stroke

We have over 150 SUP SPORTS ® paddles in stock...also, we stock paddles by Ke Nalu & Sawyer.


Wardog SUP fins

Bamboo Coreflex Fins

Designed, tested, perfected & more environmentally friendly too

WARDOG® employs his Oceanography and Engineering background in the quest for the perfect fin, but all the science in the world is not a replacement for T.O.W. (time on the water). Fins are a touchy-feely affair, and WARDOG lives and surfs up and down the coast from several fin factories, where he has invested considerable time and money doing the R&D necessary to arrive at these cutting edge fin designs:

I'm ready to SUPercharge my SUP board

The best designed SUP fins on the market


Cool Shizzle

Logo Clothing, Gift Cards, SUP Bags, Soft Goods, & Misc…

SUP Sports ® Soft Goods

We also have Heaps of other cool Shizzle & other Misc.


A few of our Stoked For Life ® clients…miles of smiles We live to keep you stoked…Stoked for Life ® …That’s our passion!

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