Stoked For Life ® Clients

Stoked For Life ® Clients Customer Service A few of our Stoked For Life ® clients…miles of smiles…click for testimonials… Lisa and family with her new “Always a Sunny Day” custom carbon Hammer… Michele and family with new double sided bamboo Mahalo ECOBOARD with leopard skin rails… Margaux & Ash… Mark & family… Tom and family…805 built SUP boards for …

Warren ThomasStoked For Life ® Clients

Marty Custom Hammer STOKED

Marty just picked up her new custom 8’10″ Hammer SUP at our shop yesterday… After taking our stock 8’11″ x 31″ x 4.4″ (@ 148 liters) and our 8’5″ x 31″ x 4.4″ (@ 140 liters) production Hammers for a paddlesurf sesh…she decided on a custom shaped SUP 8’10″ x 31″ x 4″ @ 136.8 liters that we built exactly …

Jason KadlecMarty Custom Hammer STOKED

Glen Barroncini – Stoked in Hilton Head

Subject: 8’5″ carbon Hammer Hi Wardog I received the Hammer , Great packing and super fast delivery from West Coast to East Coast… Thanks for the swag too. Floated the board today. Floats great and I know it will work.. Here is a pic of the 8-5 Hammer in from of the iconic Lighthouse from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. …

Jason KadlecGlen Barroncini – Stoked in Hilton Head

Brian Stoked in Ventura


Subject: Hammer Aloha Warren… So a few weeks ago I am out at C Street on one of my Hammers when I meet up with a fellow on a surfboard who I use to surf with off and on over the years. We get to talking, and he tells me he has a 12′ SUP but is interested in getting …

Jason KadlecBrian Stoked in Ventura

Jason Stoked On 8’5″ Hammer

Another great Stoked for Life ® Hammer customer testimonial…this one is from Jason on his new 8’5″ Hammer… First session on my new 8’5 Hammer — LOVE THIS BOARD!! Here’s the story… I’ve been on an ARK 11’6 for almost 4 years now… I call it the SS Santa Monica because it is a battle ship. So I did demo …

Jason KadlecJason Stoked On 8’5″ Hammer

Paul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Subject: 9’5″ Hammers First I have to commend everyone that you have working in your shop. Every call was answered quickly and advice was spot on. Obviously it was great to see Al again and to talk surfing and boards and remember some good times. For a variety of reasons I did not get to surf my 9-5 33 until …

Jason KadlecPaul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Paul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Subject: 9’5″ Hammer I have used Marlene’s board twice. All I can say is WOW!. I did not understand about the 3 zones for riding until I took off on my first wave. Very quick board, I had a lot of fun and was able to turn easily but in control. It has a really good feel. My balance is …

Jason KadlecPaul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Ernie and Wendy Waterman STOKED in Cape Cod

Subject: Valentine’s Day SUP Wardog, This is outstanding, you and your folks have gone way above and beyond our expectations. This purchase has been a completely satisfying experience from introductions to selection to custom paint to supply and now shipping in time for Valentine’s Day. Wendy wouldn’t open the photos you sent because she wants to be surprised (If I …

Jason KadlecErnie and Wendy Waterman STOKED in Cape Cod

Michael Petracca STOKED in Santa Barbara

Subject: Custom 9’5″ Hammer First sesh with new board today – magic! Thanks to you all, and my compliments to the glasser! Michael Petracca (Santa Barbara, CA)

Jason KadlecMichael Petracca STOKED in Santa Barbara