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Subject: Hammer

Aloha Warren…

So a few weeks ago I am out at C Street on one of my Hammers when I meet up with a fellow on a surfboard who I use to surf with off and on over the years. We get to talking, and he tells me he has a 12′ SUP but is interested in getting into a more surf oriented one, but one he can learn on. I urge him to go to your shop (of course) and we part ways shortly after. Then I get to thinking I should have talked with him about models, probably encouraged him to try a longer Hammer, and I am kicking myself because this is a real nice guy and I wanted to give him more guidance. Unfortunately I don’t have his number, but I vow to cure this mistake next time I see him.

Then last weekend I paddle out on a very small but pleasant morning at Mondos and…there he is paddling a new 9’5″ Hammer. Turns out he met you at the shop, appreciated the time and good direction you gave him, and I talk up his model because I genuinely believe its a good choice (I have one myself as you know).

Turns out I wasn’t the only one who referred him to your shop. Anyway, we surfed some tiny little gliders for a couple of hours and he caught more waves than I would have expected and was having a lot of fun. I was stoked on his choice and his good vibe..this is a gentleman and good natured guy, and I felt he deserved the best…and he got it.

Thought you’d like to know…………….

Brian M**** (Ventura County)

Jason KadlecBrian Stoked in Ventura

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