Ernie and Wendy Waterman STOKED in Cape Cod

Subject: Valentine’s Day SUP

This is outstanding, you and your folks have gone way above and beyond our expectations.

This purchase has been a completely satisfying experience from introductions to selection to custom paint to supply and now shipping in time for Valentine’s Day.


Wendy wouldn’t open the photos you sent because she wants to be surprised (If I told her there was a dog in the photo she would open them), but I sure opened them, they are outstanding, she will love this board, and the heart with her name on the shipping box is a really nice personal touch.

I’d like to be there when it arrives to see her face, that won’t happen (Afghanistan) but I’ll be there when she gets in the water.

Thanks again, you folks have raised the bar and we’ll get the word out on our end!

Ernie and Wendy Waterman (Cape Cod, MA)

Jason KadlecErnie and Wendy Waterman STOKED in Cape Cod

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