Jason Stoked On 8’5″ Hammer

Another great Stoked for Life ® Hammer customer testimonial…this one is from Jason on his new 8’5″ Hammer… First session on my new 8’5 Hammer — LOVE THIS BOARD!! Here’s the story… I’ve been on an ARK 11’6 for almost 4 years now… I call it the SS Santa Monica because it is a battle ship. So I did demo the board – but there were no waves… all I could tell on my test drive was that it was incredibly stable — the 8’11 I took out felt just like my 11’6!! That actually made me nervous to buy it… would a board that feels like an 11’6 surf any better? But I’d seen all the photos posted, read all about why mini simmons, and egg shapes, how nose concaves and double v in the tail all work to create a sick ride so I snagged the 8’5 on faith. IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT! sups_hammer_jason3 My very first drop on a waist high wave was super fun – NOTHING like my old battle ship– super light and lively underfoot, but still so stable on the takeoff… In fact I stuck all but maybe 1 take off, which was at the end and I was just super tired and PS – by that point the kites were out — so pretty damn choppy. sups_hammer_jason4 Best moment of the day – I was coming down the line – and a long boarder was paddling up and over — I was headed right for him and I just thought “turn” and next thing I knew I was going the other way! Back out in the line up – he says “man – I thought you didn’t see me and I was going to get run over, and then you threw such a sick cutback – that was amazing!”sups_hammer_jason6sups_hammer_jason5 Sick cutback? That was actually first cutback on the Hammer and truth be told, first one not harnessed into my kite! WOOP! Second best moment – super late in the day, not enough juice left in my arms but went for this pretty tall wave because I was perfect position and nobody anywhere near it. But because of how choppy and windy — and so tired — I kinda hesitated but my buddy is shouting “get in get in” — so I step hard on the nose and it looks too steep…. I’m going to get pitched for sure! But nope! As soon as I feel the board take off, I scoot back and honestly I think the board just knew what to do cause next thing I know I’m still up and the white water is chasing me!! WHA??? sups_hammer_jason8 sups_hammer_jason7 nce again this was all on my very first session — so coming down from a monster of an 11’6 I literally had 0 need to re-learn anything or adjust to this board. Love at first drop. STOKED FOR LIFE! Jason Kadlec (Los Angeles, CA)

Jason KadlecJason Stoked On 8’5″ Hammer

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