Paul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

Subject: 9’5″ Hammers

First I have to commend everyone that you have working in your shop. Every call was answered quickly and advice was spot on. Obviously it was great to see Al again and to talk surfing and boards and remember some good times.


For a variety of reasons I did not get to surf my 9-5 33 until this morning. I had been “stealing my wife’s 9-5 31 and was having a good time. I figured the 33 would be a bit different, but I was wrong. The extra floatation and stability made everything a lot more enjoyable. First wave I dropped pretty late in to a backside peak and was stunned at how fast I turned from the tail. I adjusted forward a little and was making super smooth turns down the line effortlessly. I got lucky and got a about a 50/50 split of lefts and rights which is pretty cool for a goofy foot. All the waves were shoulder to head high with pretty steep takeoffs.

I still can’t believe how easy it is to drop in on this board despite the fact that it doesn’t have a lot of rocker. I could not be happier with my board selection. I toyed with the idea of the 10-3 Hammer, now I am really happy I got the 9-5.

Final wave of the session, head high perfect left. As I paddle for yet another late take-off 4 dolphins turn and take off right next to me. I easily make the wave until it finally closes out. I straighten out and step off in knee deep water. I will be smiling for a while!!!

Thanks again for your enthusiasm and customer service. Thats a pretty rare thing these days and I have told lots of folks the drive to SB is worth every minute just to get honest advice and good service.

I think our flat water boards are going to get lonely. Again, I really appreciate all your input, I think we got set up perfectly.

Paul Hamdorf (Long Beach, CA)

Jason KadlecPaul Hamdorf STOKED in Long Beach

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