Eddie Devereaux STOKED in Cape Cod

Subject: One World carbon to Cape Cod

Hey All, Deb, Warren, Al… picked up the board this morning safe and sound no damage.

The people at Cape Cod Express were great they let me open the box and recycle the cardboard. They had it stored away from everything so a forklift or something couldn’t run over or hit it.


Just like the old windsurfing days I couldn’t get back fast enough to get to the water I was kind of like shaking. Got home put in all fins and off I go to the water. Did my 20th loop around Oyster Harbor island which is 5.2 miles playing with my footing and such. What I noticed first is it’s very light and stable but also maneuverable. I played in some boat wakes and it just wanted to surf almost like a greyhound wants to run. I got back from the loop and took out the side fins and did a little spin around West Bay which had a nice glide. I think this is the board for me regarding my knee problem I’m going to do a loop tomorrow just with the single fin. I’ll post some pics of the board later on Facebook.

UPDATE: Just got back from a morning loop around the island. Man… this board is scary comfortable. At 220 lbs this is going to be my “go to” all arounder exactly what I was looking for.

Great job with the design Wardog… as soon as I saw the specs I knew


Again thanks for the great service, good packaging whoever packed it you can pass that on.

Eddie Devereaux (Cape Cod, MA)

Jason KadlecEddie Devereaux STOKED in Cape Cod

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