Rod Perry Stoked on One World

Hi Paige and Warren,

My One World got to Miami in perfect shape. Great packing job.

It took a week for the wind to finally come down (actually its been months ) so this morning it was time to launch the board for the first time.

By the way did I say how beautiful the double sided Australian Pine is , well it is!

The board is a pleasure to carry , I weighed it when I got it and its 27 lbs , 4 pounds lighter than my old 12′ Naish Glide . The One World paddles as fast as my Starboard 12’6″ x 31″ and the Glide. I am not a fast paddler . This morning I averaged 3.5 mph on my 3.38 mile paddle per my Garmin GPS.

The board does have incredible glide for an 11’1″ board . Better than all of my other boards .

It is also very stable which makes it easy to take pictures from . I only used the WD 9.25 Free Weed instead of the thruster setup and the board paddles quite straight .

I am very happy with then board and thanks for all the extras . Thanks to the Stand Up Paddle Sports crew , this is my fourth board that I have bought from you and it has always been a pleasure .

Rod Perry (Miami, FL)

Jason KadlecRod Perry Stoked on One World

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