California Series Custom SUP
Custom SUP Wardog DesignsMade in USA SUP

California Series Custom SUP

Looking for a Made in USA standup paddle board?

We have them in stock on our racks and can ship it to you right now…check California made SUP's at once availability HERE

All of our refined SUP production models…as well as our other shapes not currently being produced in quantity, are available as made in the USA custom SUP’s…of course, these sizes can be tweaked and customized exactly to your specification & fashionista taste buds…;-)

To order one and or get pricing you can


Give us a call:

888.805.9978 | 805.962.7877

Contact us by email…

Drop by the shop:

121 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Or if you want to start putting yours together Right Now then click the button below to start setting up your board:


Custom SUP boards are the perfect choice for people who need a board that is specifically designed for their needs. We offer a number of construction and finish options that will have you dialed in with the right shape, right amount of float for your body-size and surf conditions, and with aesthetics that will reflect your individuality.

All of our custom boards are handcrafted with love and stoke from sunny California…

All of the custom SUP shapes we offer are designed and tested by the WARDOG ® Designs team…developers of our SUPsports ® and HAMMER lines of boards…right here in Santa Barbara, CA and around the world…


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