WD 5″ FCS Sidebiter Set


These gorgeous fins are designed with progressive flex in the tip area…the bamboo provides incredible flex characteristics and also displaces resin making them a greener product…

Bamboo is a sustainable resource because it's one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. Bamboo is also light, strong, and has a great look. Every bamboo fin looks unique…because of the wood grain no two are alike.


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Designed by WARDOG ®, our SUP fins feature the progressive twist and flex characteristics of bamboo, and as an added bonus you get a greener product as the bamboo displaces up to 40% of the resin.We have worked with US fin makers like True Ames, Rainbow Fins, and Curtis Fins because their precision manufacturing techniques lead the industry in close tolerance fit and advanced design execution regardless of the board the fin is going into. We have designed and tested all of our fins right here in California…WARDOG ® employs his Oceanography and Engineering background in the quest for the perfect fin, but all the science in the world is not a replacement for T.O.W. (time on the water). 

Fins are a touchy-feely affair, and WARDOG ® lives and surfs up and down the coast from several fin factories, where he has invested considerable time and money doing the R&D necessary to arrive at these cutting edge fin designs: Features :

  • Bamboo core construction…
  • Progressive flex…
  • Hand foiling craftmanship…
  • Premium quality

Working directly with fin companies like Rainbow Fins and True Ames Fins with decades of R & D, allowed us dial in our fins more quickly and bring you the most superior surfing and paddling fins…our production fins are manufactured at the best fin factories in the world to bring them to you at the lowest cost.Get it & Rip It.

Check out our SUP fins Pinterest page for lots more images…

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Weight .4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 2 in


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