Stoke Series

Stoke Series SUP

Or scroll down for more info We designed and developed the iconic Stoke Series SUP here in Santa Barbara, California on the West Coast of North America to be an all wave riding SUP, no matter where you are on this water planet… Stoke Series SUP The 9’6″ Stoke Classic (quad + 1) :: 9’6″ X 30.5″ X 4.5″ ~ …

Jason KadlecStoke Series

Hammer Series

Hammer SUP Series  Or scroll down for more info and photos The Hammer SUP is the best all around SUP on the market. This innovative, game-changing board can be ridden 8″-12″ shorter and 1″-2″  narrower than most SUP’s. The unique design increases glide and stability. The copious amount of single and double concave on the bottom adds lots of lift …

Jason KadlecHammer Series