California Custom Made SUP

Resist mass-produced cookie cutter uniformity…and, fully express your inner personality and individualism with a customized standup paddleboard made just for you…built right here in America… Ordering an artisanal quality, small batch brewed California custom made SUP is EASY PEASY…1-2-3… How To Order A California Custom Made SUP 1. Pick a model and size…no worries if you are not sure…our designers …

Jason KadlecCalifornia Custom Made SUP

Hammer Series

Hammer SUP Series  Or scroll down for more info and photos The Hammer SUP is the best all around SUP on the market. This innovative, game-changing board can be ridden 8″-12″ shorter and 1″-2″  narrower than most SUP’s. The unique design increases glide and stability. The copious amount of single and double concave on the bottom adds lots of lift …

Jason KadlecHammer Series