Mahalo Series

Al slotting into a nice wave on his 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalo Wide…click vid clip below…

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The SUP Sports ® MAHALO SERIES SUP’s were designed and developed in the standup paddling mecca of Santa Barbara, California on the West Coast of North America…the Mahalo Series 10′ x 30″ x 4.4″ ~ 160 liters :: 10’3″ X 29.75″ X 4.4″ ~ 165 liters :: 10’3″ X 31″ X 4.5″ ~ 175 liters :: 10’3″ X 33″ X 4.5″ ~ 185 liters (quad + 1) are very refined all around SUP’s that excel as both wave riders with great glide (fast rockers) and stability…as well as flat water and ocean paddlers…

Here’s a 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalo that we custom built for Michele…double sided bamboo with leopard skin rails…one of the most stunning SUP boards that we have ever seen…

Mahalo bamboo SUP

Here’s a custom California built 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo Xtra-Wide that we just built for celebrity Jill Martin (Today Show…NY Knicks sportscaster)…ECO Board construction…

Jill Martin Mahalo SUP

We built this fun 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo with dark grained bamboo for Albert with his custom logo artwork…

custom SUP

custom SUP

This 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalo with double sided full length custom graphics has a windsurf mast track for Tim…

Here is a custom Mahalo Wide (10’3″ x 31″) that weighed in at 18.5#…we also built a scaled up version of the same board…One World Wide…11’1″ x 32″ @ 215 liters…weighed in at 21.85#…with identical graphics for the folks at the 121 Marina at Ocean Reef project in Key Largo, FL…

Todd in San Diego ordered this 10′ x 30″ x 4.2″ @ 150.59 liter ECOBOARD Mahalo Shaka with an external handle option…we also offer the option of installing multiple tie-down spots…

Capt. Ted rocks this racy looking all carbon 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalo on his boat…

carbon Mahalo SUP

This pair of carbon 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalos are living on an 110′ yacht that is cruising around the world…

carbon Mahalo SUP

Here’s another Mahalo ECOBOARD…this one went to Florida for Dayna…graphic design by her husband Christian…

Mahalo SUP

Here’s a custom all carbon 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo Xtra-Wide that we just built for Kristi…Seafoam with exposed carbon rail reveal…21#…

Mahalo carbon SUP

Light, tight, & bright…Kristine easily handles a 10’3″ Mahalo Wide…on and off the water…



Subject: 10’3″ Mahalo SUP

I love my new board!!!


Huge thank you to Ian for taking my order over the phone and Al for answering all my questions and finalizing my purchase when we arrived.
Super friendly and great customer service. We’ll be back!

Jackie Leverich (Alameda, CA)

Subject: 10’3″ Mahalos

My BFF and I purchased two new Mahalo SUP boards last Saturday, and we’d like to thank Wardog, Al, and Ian for all of their assistance and attention to detail they showed us with our purchases. You guys are the absolute best!!

Stoked for life

Loved meeting you, and love our new boards!
We are totally #stokedforlife

Barbara Ball Johnson (Santa Cruz, CA)

Subject: USA 10’3″ x 33″ Poplar Mahalo Xtra-Wide

Al, Aloha!
I received my board Friday. There was no damage at all. I still took pictures and followed the instructions.
I was able to paddle that evening chest to head height waves. Truthfully, it was bigger than I needed to be on, but the board was amazing.
The speed of the board is unreal, and it is super stable. I paddled all weekend, on everything from super calm bay waters to some excellent waist to head high waves. It is unreal! Nothing but happiness!
Thanks for making a great product and superior customer service!

Dennis Lockhart (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Carolyn, Steph, & Carolina Stoked For Life® with their great looking 10’3″ Mahalo SUPs…

10'3" Mahalo SUP Models

NEW! Mahalo Shaka 10′ x 30″ @ 160 liters…


Custom ECO SUP 10′ x 31″ Mahalo Shaka models with flax fiber bottoms…Ballis-Tech deck and rails…weight is 19#…

Mahalo Shaka SUP


Mahalo Shaka

Paddlesurf vid clip of the Mahalo Shaka…

Unsalted standup paddling on a river up in Mendonoma on the Mahalo Shaka…

Here’s Grant paddling a custom 10’3″ carbon Mahalo that we made for Dr. Ron…who is sharing some incredible drone images and video of Santa Barbara standup paddling venues with us…enjoy…

The fin box setup allows the rider to dial into waves or all water cruising/touring…phenomenal glide for it’s size, this board is used as a big wave gun as well as a flatwater cruiser…the pulled in nose reduces exposed surface area to chop and wind…also, very popular with our wahine clients who want a mid-sized board for longer distance paddling, that is stable…glides well…and, is still maneuverable on and off the water…

Check out our gorgeous California built Mahalos…your choice of either carbon…or, Poplar veneer with bombproof clear Kevlar…click link for more pics of these made in the USA SUP boards…

Mahalo SUP

Mahalo SUP

Mahalo SUP

Mahalo SUP


Subject: Mahalo 10’3″ X Wide SUP

Warren, Al and Crew.

Just wanted to get in touch. Took out the Mahalo X Wide this week.
I have to say without riding it I was skeptical due to my 260# frame.
Believing in your knowledge I took the chance. BEST SUP I have ridden in the category.
Rode an Infinity Wide Aquatic a while back but the Mahalo blows it away in every category.

Glide is great, drive on turns is UNREAL and it is built like a tank!
Thanks for keeping it real!
Appreciate all of the service and friendly advice.

Your entire shop does a great job with customer service and being honest instead of just trying to sell boards.
Customer for life.

Much Mahalo’s

Derrick W****** (Huntington Beach, CA)


Here’s Jacob on the 10’3″ x 31″ Mahalo Wide with beautiful Australian Pine finish…

10'3 Mahalo Wide

10’3 Mahalo Wide

The two bigger sizes were designed for bigger guys who want a maneuverable wave board and/or even lady paddlers that want more stability for paddling with their children or dogs…

The 31″ wide version is called the “Mahalo Wide” with ~ 175 liters of volume…and, we have a smash hit with our new 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo Xtra-Wide with 185 liters of volume…paddlers of all sizes absolutely love the “fun factor” that this board generates…miles of smiles…

Here’s a California built carbon hybrid Mahalo Wide…17.3#…


Mahalo SUP

Check out what we mean by “fast rocker”…this rocker profile is very efficient and doesn’t “plow” or push water like so many SUP’s this size on the market…

Here’s a testimonial from one of our East Texas lake clients who just picked up a Mahalo…

Subject: Mahalo

Hey you guys:

I just wanted to let you know the Mahalo arrived yesterday morning safe, sound and without a scratch on her…..

I took her out for a spin this morning, and man I gotta tell you the lake was crowded….no not really…at first light there was only me out (that’s why I love East Texas)….

But I gotta say I wasn’t expecting the Mahalo to be so fast and easy to paddle.

What an amazing board and beautiful too.

Miles of smiles is right. You really hit one out of the park with the Mahalo Wardog.

Thanks for everything… usual the service and Aloha you guys share with your customers is beyond compare (Thanks Dave).

Peace and good waves….

Robert Townsend (Tyler, TX)

Pricing is easy…here’s how it works:
The gorgeous boutique quality production boards with Australian Pine decks are $1299…
The boards with Australian Pine decks and bottoms are $1399…
Our acid washed SUPer-Lite carbons are $1799…

Includes Custom bamboo fin(s)…non-H20 absorbing pad…and, big wave rated leash with safety quick connect…plus, shwag…and, a heapin’ helpin’ of pure old school STOKE!


We’ve ridden just about all of the 10′ SUP’s on the planet and the Mahalo can’t be beat…the ultimate in glide…maneuverability…refinement…quality…value…performance…FUN!


Here’s Big Will at 250# on our 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo Xtra-Wide…





We also manufacture the Mahalos in a custom FeatherLite carbon finish made in the USA…~ 4# lighter…dims and graphics can be scaled exactly to your specifications…

Paige styling the SUPerLite carbon 10’3″ x 31″ acid washed Honeysuckle Pink at just 19 pounds:


JoAndi feeling “pretty in pink” on her Honeysuckle Pink Mahalo 10’3″ x 29.5″ in Idaho…


Lots of folks like our pink standup paddleboards…


Our 10’3″ x 29.5″ Mahalo in carbon weighs an amazing 17.85#…$1799…over $1000 less than our nearest competition!
Includes highest quality pad, fin(s), and leash…


There is nothing that we would change on the Mahalo…a timeless hall of fame classic…very progressive and refined shape for ripping 2′-12′ surf…phenomenal stability and glide with a perfect mix of off-water mobility…our most sought after board because of it’s versatility…

Very fast rocker lines allow you to generate glide and speed effortlessly…and, with more speed you can pull off moves that you never thought possible on a SUP…the standard width Mahalo at 29’5″ has great directional stability and tracking when paddled as a single fin in flatwater…ride it as a trifin in the surf…or, on the two wider Mahalos, we recommend setting them up as a quad fin on smaller days, kelpy days, beachbreak days, and trifin when you feel you need more drive…

Constructions: Production Wood Sandwich: $1299 – $1399, QVP Made in USA epoxy S-Glass $1499…Production Carbon Wood Sandwich: $1799, Custom Carbon & carbon/hybrids Made in USA: $1699 – $1899.



Big Fred upgraded his Starboard Whopper to a new 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo X-Grande Seafoam carbon…
The blue painter’s tape is from applying a coat of Monster Paint clear traction on the nose for Fred…a customer service that we provide at no charge on boards purchased form us…


wd_designs_1200_teal (1)


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