Stoked For Life ® Clients

Stoked For Life ® Clients Customer Service A few of our Stoked For Life ® clients…miles of smiles…click for testimonials… Lisa and family with her new “Always a Sunny Day” custom carbon Hammer… Michele and family with new double sided bamboo Mahalo ECOBOARD with leopard skin rails… Margaux & Ash… Mark & family… Tom and family…805 built SUP boards for …

Warren ThomasStoked For Life ® Clients

Pete Hoepfner STOKED in East Hampton

Subject: STOKE WIDE 9’6″ Carbon Two-Tone Lime Green – Testimonial To Wardog and the rest of the Crew at SUPsports Received my “Stoke Wide” 9’6″ X 32″ Carbon Two-Tone Lime Green (Photo Attached) this week, in perfect condition. Took it out to the Bay right away to get a feel for the float etc…; BUT, Immediately I knew it was …

Jason KadlecPete Hoepfner STOKED in East Hampton

Jim Tharp STOKED in Port Hueneme, CA

Subject: 9’6″ Stoke Wide To Dave and team members, A big Mahalo for your expertise and advice helping me to get the kine board-9’6″ and STOKED! Was so excited to get in the water this morning and paddle and wave ride. Met all expectations. going from a 10’11” to a 9’6″ Stoke Wide. Even though it was small, I hooked …

Jason KadlecJim Tharp STOKED in Port Hueneme, CA