Pete Hoepfner STOKED in East Hampton

Subject: STOKE WIDE 9’6″ Carbon Two-Tone Lime Green – Testimonial

To Wardog and the rest of the Crew at SUPsports

Received my “Stoke Wide” 9’6″ X 32″ Carbon Two-Tone Lime Green (Photo Attached) this week, in perfect condition.


Took it out to the Bay right away to get a feel for the float etc…; BUT, Immediately I knew it was for me, so took it to the ocean for a test run. By far The Best Board I have ever ridden. Started out with a Thruster Set-Up since that’s what I’m used to, but waiting on the Quad Fin Set-Up which should arrive soon.

You guys provide excellent service and recommendations. Warren, you could not have picked a better board for me. If you remember, I was contemplating the 9’2″, but I’m glad I stuck with the 9’6″, it is a perfect float for my height and weight (6′ – 210LB).

Board is also aesthetically beautiful. Nicest looking SUP on the Beach.

Thanks for all the extras as well; Great T-Shirts and Cap. I have already started hyping up your products and handing out the Flyers you sent. East End Long Island needs more of these boards out here.

Thanks Again,
61 Years Old and Still Stoked!

Pete Hoepfner (East Hampton/Montauk, New York)

Jason KadlecPete Hoepfner STOKED in East Hampton

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