SUP Graphics

This gallery of images displays examples of some of our custom rice paper lam logos and also full length fiberglass cloth laminations…

Warren ThomasSUP Graphics

SUP Deck Pad Options

SUP Deck Pad Options

We’ve put this page together to showcase some of the SUP deck pad options that we offer…part of our value proposition…

The Xtrak SUP traction pads shown are Made in USA and retail for $160 – $187…but, they are included as an option when you purchase a board from us…as are our high quality custom fins…and, the best quality leash with patented quick disconnect…

We also offer a stomp pad option and custom installation at a small additional charge…

Available in a wide variety of sizes and colors (black, black/white, white/black, black/blue, blue, ocean blue, gray, off white, white, mocha, camel, black/green…colors subject to availability)…and, are easily applied with marine grade PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) these are the best closed cell EVA StandUp Paddleboard Pads on the market.

These pads are made from light weight and durable, closed-cell, eva material that will not absorb water. Vertical grooves are cut into the pads with computer controlled CNC machines and then they are run through a thermo-embosser that presses in a micro-dot pattern for exceptional non-skid characteristics.

Because the pads are multi-piece they can be spread to fit almost any sized board. Most importantly, these pads are extremely comfortable and are perfect for long distance paddling as well as performance paddle surfing.

Here is the 56″ X-Trak pad in mocha on left…and, 74″ camel on right laid out on our gorgeous bamboo ECOBOARD Hammers…NOTE: handles are not cut out…

bamboo Hammer SUP

Camel 56″ X-Trak deck pad on 10’3″ x 34″ Hammer…

bamboo Hammer SUP


SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

SUP Deck Pad

Warren ThomasSUP Deck Pad Options

SUP Logos

SUP Logos

We provide this page to help you design your new custom SUP Sports® standup paddle board by showing you our SUP logos that you can choose from at no extra charge…

You are also welcome to design your own graphics and logo(s)…and, we will help you get them incorporated into your board design…or, you can choose to leave logos completely off…it’s your call…we want you to be Stoked For Life® with your board…

These are our stock iconic SUP rider nose logos that you can choose from…they are ~ 9.5″ wide by 10″ tall…custom colors are available upon request…

SUP logos

SUP logos

The big Dog Head logo can also be used on the deck and/or bottom…it is ~ 7.8″ wide x 10″ high…

SUP Logos

We also have a small Dog Head logo that can be used on the tail of the board on the deck and/or bottom…it is ~ 1.5″ wide x 2″ high…

The SUP Sports ® rail logo is ~ 8.173″ wide x 1.55″ high…it is black and silver…

SUP Logos

We also have a black and white rail logo specifically for our Hammer models…these are also available in custom colors by special order…

SUP Logos

SUP Logos

Our California Built circle logos are available in green or black…they are ~ 4″ x 4″…we commonly use these on the bottom of the board near the fin box area…either centered or offset…

SUP Logos

Another fun logo that we usually place between the leash plugs is our Shaka logo…shown here with a Maui Blue background…it is ~ 1.5″ x 1.5″…

SUP Logos

The Stoked For Life ® logo is usually placed on the centerline of the board on the bottom…

SUP Logos

We also have these rice paper lams that can be used on our epoxy and bamboo and/or Ballis-Tech ECOBOARDS…but, not all carbon…

The waving American flag is available in 3 sizes…2″, 3″, & 8″…the Cali bear is 16″ wide…rasta paddler in icon wave is ~ 6.7″ wide…and, rasta paddler is 6″ wide…the background is transparent so color or wood can show through…

Finally, we offer freehand scripting…usually, this is on the centerline on the bottom of the board and has your name, board model, and dimensions of board…etc…you can also order scripting in a specific font by special order…

Warren ThomasSUP Logos

Stoked For Life ® Clients

Customer Service

A few of our Stoked For Life ® clients…miles of smiles…click for testimonials…

Lisa and family with her new “Always a Sunny Day” custom carbon Hammer…

Stoked For Life ® Clients

Michele and family with new double sided bamboo Mahalo ECOBOARD with leopard skin rails…

Excellent customer service SUP

Margaux & Ash…
Stoked For Life ® Clients

Mark & family…

Stoked For Life ® Clients

Tom and family…805 built SUP boards for an 805 built family…


Customer service

We live to keep you stoked…Stoked for Life ® …That’s our passion!

Stoked For Life ® clients

Whether it’s your first board purchase from us…or, your 10th…you will always receive the gold standard of excellent customer service in our store…

We treat you as we want to be treated…

Stoked for Life

The journey of 1000 Stoked For Life ® board clients begins with stoke!
Here’s a fun vid clip of our clients picking up SUP gear that will make miles of smiles…

Warren ThomasStoked For Life ® Clients

WD Spring Day Shredding

Sometimes the best vacations are “staycations” in the backyard…looking for Spring breakers…;-)

We loaded up the Lance camper and Sprinter with the pups and headed down the coast a ways…but, still in the 805…to SUP surf some Spring breakers and chill with friends for a good full moon spell…

We found overhead sets with consistent surf…lots of sunshine and good times…

WD on the 9’2″ WD Seafoam carbon…

Get More Info on the WD Series Here

Jason KadlecWD Spring Day Shredding

Marty Custom Hammer STOKED

Marty just picked up her new custom 8’10″ Hammer SUP at our shop yesterday…
After taking our stock 8’11″ x 31″ x 4.4″ (@ 148 liters) and our 8’5″ x 31″ x 4.4″ (@ 140 liters) production Hammers for a paddlesurf sesh…she decided on a custom shaped SUP 8’10″ x 31″ x 4″ @ 136.8 liters that we built exactly to her design and graphical specifications…
Marty’s custom shaped SUP came in at less than 18# naked…now right at 20# with pad and fins…
What does your custom SUP look like?













Jason KadlecMarty Custom Hammer STOKED

Glen Barroncini – Stoked in Hilton Head

Subject: 8’5″ carbon Hammer

Hi Wardog
I received the Hammer , Great packing and super fast delivery from West Coast to East Coast…

Thanks for the swag too. Floated the board today. Floats great and I know it will work..


Here is a pic of the 8-5 Hammer in from of the iconic Lighthouse from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. One of the other guides , Jess, hopped on the board to paddle it around.. (she looks better than me on the board you agree? ..) Now I need surf!,

H2O Sports, Atlantic Paddle Surfing


Jason KadlecGlen Barroncini – Stoked in Hilton Head

Jan Kona and One World STOKED

Jan loves paddling with her dog, Kona, on the One World in Colorado…

Jason KadlecJan Kona and One World STOKED

Rod Perry Stoked on One World

One World SUP

Hi Paige and Warren,

My One World got to Miami in perfect shape. Great packing job.

It took a week for the wind to finally come down (actually its been months ) so this morning it was time to launch the board for the first time.

By the way did I say how beautiful the double sided Australian Pine is , well it is!

The board is a pleasure to carry , I weighed it when I got it and its 27 lbs , 4 pounds lighter than my old 12′ Naish Glide . The One World paddles as fast as my Starboard 12’6″ x 31″ and the Glide. I am not a fast paddler . This morning I averaged 3.5 mph on my 3.38 mile paddle per my Garmin GPS.

The board does have incredible glide for an 11’1″ board . Better than all of my other boards .

It is also very stable which makes it easy to take pictures from . I only used the WD 9.25 Free Weed instead of the thruster setup and the board paddles quite straight .

I am very happy with then board and thanks for all the extras . Thanks to the Stand Up Paddle Sports crew , this is my fourth board that I have bought from you and it has always been a pleasure .

Rod Perry (Miami, FL)

Jason KadlecRod Perry Stoked on One World