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For most SUP board companies, the SUP fins that are included with their SUP boards are just a cheap afterthought…but, to us (YOU TOO)…

SUP Fins


SUP fins

Wardog SUP fin designs

Wardog SUP fin designs

Wardog fin designsWARDOG ®, our fin designer, has been designing fins for decades…along with his passion and expertise in fin design, he also uses his degree in Oceanography, along with an engineering background, in the relentless quest for designing the perfect fin…helping you to unlock the full potential of your board…SOLVING PROBLEMS YOU DIDN’T KNOW YOU HAVE.


SUP fins

Our SUP fins feature the progressive twist and flex pattern characteristics of bamboo…and, as an added bonus you get a greener product that’s better for the environment, as the bamboo core displaces up to 40% of the resin. The wider stiff base generates more drive, while the flex in the tip allows the fin to store up energy during turns and then releases the stored energy during the transitions of the board turning from one side to the next…etc…the more you pump…the faster you go…thrusting you down the line further and faster than you’ve ever gone!

SUPs need speed to complete maneuvers…these WARDOG ® designed fins feature a very efficient template…maximizing lift and minimizing drag…the optimized use of high quality materials helps to obtain a reactive progressive twist in the tips…hint: controlling flex is the holy grail of fin design…;-)

Bamboo SUP fins

bamboo SUP side fins

Here’s a few of our new colored bamboo honeycomb sandwich and carbon honeycomb sandwich constructed fins…available in 4″ & 5″ sizes…

SUP fins

SUP fins

SUP fins

Our 8.75″ FreeWeed model is now available in G-10 construction…stiffer and extremely durable…increased lateral resistance for better tracking…very popular for downwind runs and racing…

8.75" FreeWeed fin

Bamboo fin

Bamboo fin

Click below for a WARDOG ® 9.25″ FreeWeed 3D modeling vid clip…also, open ocean SUP test and rigorous windsurf testing for cavitation and stall…windsurf testing puts much heavier loads and strains on the fin designs…

New thicker bamboo core centers…

SUP fins


SUP fins


SUP fins


Here are some shots of our extensive line of Bamboo CoreFlex SUP fins…SUPercharge your board!
We have hundreds and hundreds of SUP fins in stock…you can purchase our fins online in our SUP fin store
Pretty safe to say…we have more SUP fins in stock right now than any store on the planet…;-)
Premium quality fins unlock your board’s true potential…CLICK link or image below to order your SUP fins…

SUP fins




SUP fins

These gorgeous fins are designed with progressive flex in the tip area…the bamboo provides incredible flex characteristics and also displaces resin making them a greener product…

Bamboo is a sustainable resource because it’s one of the fastest growing plants on Earth. Bamboo is also light, strong, and has a great look. Every bamboo SUP fin looks unique…because of the wood grain no two are alike.

We have decades of experience designing fins that work in the most critical situations…our fins have been tested on windsurf boards at speeds over 30mph and landings from jumps and loops over 20′ high…


We take a holistic approach to helping you optimize the full potential of your board’s performance…adding value to your board and/or aftermarket fin purchase…

All of our boards come with our custom fin designs optimized for your board, your paddling venue, your experience…body weight…and, color preference(s)…;-)

SUP fins

SUP fins

SUP fins

4″ and 5″ sidebiter fins in Futures box…also, side SUP fins also available in FCS box…

SUP fins

7.5″ FreeWeed fin…

SUP fins


2 1/4″ : $29 (Center fin or side biter set)

3 3/16″ : $32 (Center fin or side biter set)

4″ : $47 (Center fin or side biter set)

5″ : $49 (Center fin or side biter set)

6.5″ : $65

7.5″ : $75

8.25″ : $82.50

8.75″ : $87.50

9.25″ : $92.50

We have designed and tested all of our SUP fins right here in California…WARDOG® even puts them on a sailboard and pushes them over 30mph in choppy water to check for tracking, turning, and cavitation in extreme conditions…

WARDOG® employs his Oceanography and Engineering background in the quest for the perfect SUP fin, but all the science in the world is not a replacement for T.O.W. (time on the water). Fins are a touchy-feely affair, and WARDOG® lives and surfs up and down the coast from several fin factories, where he has invested considerable time and money doing the R&D necessary to arrive at these cutting edge SUP fin designs…

Features :

Bamboo core construction… Progressive flex… Hand foiling craftmanship… Premium quality…

We bring you the most superior SUP surfing and SUP paddling fins…our production SUP fins are manufactured at the best fin factories in the world to bring them to you at the lowest cost…Value…Performance…Quality…

Get it & Rip It.

Check out our Pinterest page for lots more images…

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    A Ventura Local stuck in Stockholm Sweden needs some plastic fins….
    Do you by chance have a set of fins for a “HiFly” 7-2 surfboard?
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