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If you’ve been putting off getting a standup paddle board (SUP) because there is no dedicated SUP store near you…or, you don’t feel comfortable buying a SUP from a big box store who piles up boxes of diapers next to them and there is nobody there that has any experience…or, your spider senses start to tingle when that dude selling a no-name SUP for cheap on KraigsList wants to meet you in a dark alley…then, please give us a call…we’ll get a quality SUP package that was designed, tested, and built by us heading out to you in no time…we have been in the SUP board and shipping business longer than anyone in North America…

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SUP shipping

SUP shipping

SUP shipping

Andrea, and her family, will be paddling these gorgeous boards at their lake in a few days…

SUP shipping

Nobody on the planet does as much due diligence with SUP shipping, as we do!
Our due diligence minimizes the risk of damage substantially because we order the best grade packaging materials upstream…both, for our production boards and our USA built customs and stock boards…then, we fortify and mummify the board…basically building a custom fit box around the board…it goes inside a box…then, that box goes inside another box…etc…

Oftentimes, our clients will also order the board bags we design and manufacture…which adds an additional minimum 10mm foam to each side…

Our old friend, Benjamin Franklin, said it best…“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”…so, we use pounds of prevention…;-)

Every board that we ship is insured…over and above the coverage that the freight company has…plus, we only use the top ground freight companies that have direct routes…clean trucks that aren’t over packed…good safety records…etc…

Anybody who has shipped boards long enough…we’ve been doing it for 20 years…is going to have an issue sooner or later…but, we’ve managed to go years between claims…and, in the small number of cases where there is a claim…they’ve been resolved quickly with satisfaction to both sides…

A few of the customer testimonials we have received…

5/16/13: Subject: 7’11″ Da Hammer
The board arrived without any issues and it’s beautiful. I am super stoked.
I am very pleased with my new board and the bag is awesome also.
Thanks again for designing such a great board.
Don H***** (Austin, TX)


We have racks and racks of our gorgeous boutique quality SUP boards on display at our SUP store…we have over 150 of our production boards with Australian Pine and carbon finishes in stock…in addition that, we also have a number of our killer custom SUP Sports boards made in the USA on display as well…






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SUP Shipping
SUP Shipping

SUP shipping

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